When planning a wedding, every planner needs to make sure that they have secured the best wedding venue for the groom and the bride considering the fact that it is a once in a lifetime event. The wedding couples always have a couple of preferences that they outline to the wedding event planners and have them select and also secure the best venue for them. A couple that wants to get married in Melbourne Victoria may end up finding out that it is a little confusing to settle on a certain venue which would be the best for their wedding event. This however should not be a point of concern. This article will outline a guide on the venues that the couple may decide to settle on for their wedding venue.


Twedding-venuehis is just below the tropic of Capricorn. Perth enjoys the sun most parts of the year all over in Melbourne. This is the perfect weather for one to wed in as there are no worries of rain or fog disruptions.  The part of Western Australia has made a name for itself for having the best wines and food which is very suitable for a wedding event.  Perth is the ultimate wedding venue that one can have their dream wedding and have the memories stuck for the rest of their lives. With the perfect weather, location and cuisines, there is no question that Perth is simply the perfect destination for an awesome wedding event.

The Coral Coast

The coral Coast in Melbourne is also a perfect wedding destination for a couple who wants to get married in Australia. Here, one gets to enjoy the whitest sand that covers the coral beaches and have a backdrop of the breathtaking bluest ocean which hosts the most incredible marine life variety in the whole world. For a couple that does not mind having an out door wedding event, then the Coral Coast beaches are the most perfect venues for a breathtaking and beautiful wedding. This is the most incredible venue as it can also double up to be the honey moon venue. There are very many points in the ocean where one can get to dive into the ocean, snorkel and there are also areas where one can simply get to swim in the blue waters and relax while marveling at the beauty of the whole environment. When settling for such a destination, you can also most be sure that you will extend your wedding and have your honey moon at the same place which is actually a good thing keeping in mind that the venue is simply breathtaking and does not disappoint. In addition to that, the weather all around the year is mostly sunny which is also perfect for a wedding as it allows you to relax and settle on any dressing mode that will fit you choice.

It at times gets a little difficult to settle on the perfect wedding venue but this guide will help a lot a wedding planner who is looking to secure the perfect wedding venue in Melbourne for their clients.